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Here's an interesting design fake oakleys concept (at least I think that's what it is�there's scant little info to be found on these things): reverse sunglasses. The oh-so-cleverly-named Gray-Bans make things brighter rather than darker, turning that cloudy day into a bright one and that sunny day into a one-way ticket to blindness. Something tells me these won't ever exist, but it's a Friday and I like the idea fake oakley sunglasses enough to share it with you folks anyways.

Oakely seems bound and cheap oakleys determined to push this whole MP3 player sunglasses thing, and their latest release, The Split Thump, combines a really bad name with extremely expensive sunglasses that are only marginally better looking than some of the fashion disasters of years past (you know, the kind of designs that someone in the '80s thought we would be wearing in 2020). Each pair cheap oakley sunglasses features MP3/WMA/AAC compatibility, 8 hours of battery life and 512MB to 2GB of storage. Available for $250-$400.

Yes, these are Swiss Army Sunglasses. You can discount oakley sunglasses choose from over 240 different tools to put in it, including paintbrushes, a backscratcher, and a variety of knives. The biggest tool, of course, is you, who thinks not only that these aren't the replica oakley sunglasses fashion and design abomination that they are but also think they're worth the $400 price tag. If only they came with an attachment to restore your oakley sunglasses discount self-respect. –Adam Frucci