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  People often say that marriage like a pair of shoes, happy not happy, only feet know.
  70 million people worldwide, a pair of wearing a pair of shoes, who can not know that 7 billion pairs of shoes in the 7 billion feet happy or unhappy.
  Shoes appearance, who can see; feet connotation, others cheap christian louboutin high heels difficult to see. Shoes mix, foot is different. Mei Mei is not necessarily foot shoes, shoes, music does not necessarily happy feet. Some bright shoes, feet, but pain; some ordinary shoes, feet but happiness ......
  One person only know their own feet worries music, someone who can not taste the sweet and sour that a pair of feet. Thing that catches the eyes of others is always shoes, their own feelings is always silent feet.
  Philosophy of life is also like a lot of shoes, thanks to their feet enlightenment.
  There are as many feet there are that many pairs christian louboutin replica boots of shoes, and more shoes than feet; the world has a wide range of shoes, feet can choose shoes, shoes refractory feet. A thousand feet can choose pairs of shoes, a pair of shoes can not pick a thousand feet. A person can have multiple pairs of shoes, one pair of shoes, but can not have more feet. Shoes more, only two feet.
  The same pair of shoes you wear do not fit, someone wearing a fit; you wear fit, someone wearing the wrong foot. Shoe person who should, for others, does not mean for their own; for their own, only to belong cheap christian louboutin shoes outlet to the best. Even the shoes made of gold, do not fit can not wear, but only for the sake of shoes wronged foot is the most stupid.
  Beautiful high heels hidden pain is often a pair of feet. Too many women prefer to let the foot in order to build the US involvement, can go home after a woman did not immediately put aside heels. America always for others to see, after all, is its own feet.
  Many parents give their children a pair of shoes, always like to buy one size larger than the foot, always wanted to wear two children, can often wait until the shoe fit shoes are rotten.
  Small wearing big shoes unable to walk, like Bigfoot cheap replica christian louboutin pumps trouble for torture, is an intangible suffer. "The Red Shoes" Although fascinating, but let the magic foot jump dead; iron shoes, rock shoes, shoe fame and fortune too, it is difficult to pin another strong strides ...... In fact, there are shoes comfortable shoes, gold shoes Golden Shoe torture. We can only make the shoe to fit the foot, and not allow the prisoner foot shoes, but can not be forced to wear a size large and small feet shoes.
  Always wear someone else's shoes does not fit cheap christian louboutin shoes replica his feet, his feet must have their own shoes. Wear old shoes difficult to walk a new path, go through shoes difficult to walk the road today, wearing shoes difficult to take the national road ocean, wearing someone else's shoes is difficult to go its own way, to wear his shoes to take their own road.
  A pair of shoes, the foot of the palace; the feet of a pair of shoes, a prison foot. In order to "feet" of happiness, in fact, a person's life are constantly looking for "shoes" for their own.
  But why there are so many people stood unwilling to wear the shoes fit, instead choose to christian louboutin red bottoms replica pursue a glass slipper that does not fit in it?